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✿ Chinese Drama ✿ Sealed with a Kiss

Title: 千山暮雪 / Sealed with a Kiss/ Qian Shan Mu Xue
# Episode: 28 TV; 30 DVD
Genre: Modern romance
Director: Yang Xuan
Release date: October 2011
Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Original Novel by Fei Wo Si Cun who also wrote Too Late to Say I Love You
Cast: Hawick Lau as Mo ShaoQian, Ying'er as Tong Xue, Wen ZhengRong as Mu YongFei, Zhang ChengGuang as Mu ChangHe

Download Original Novel in Chinese including all official epilogues by Fei Wo Si Cun (PDF)(TXT )
Viki Channel Watch with English Subtitles (Completed!)
Download Main Theme Song By
                Hawick Lau "A Thousand Mountains"
Download End Theme Song by Ying'er "Evening Snow" 
English Translation for the novel's epilogue "My Sweet Life with the Beast"
English Translation of novel (in progress)
Vietnamese Translation of the novel NEW!

After her parents' fatal car accident, Tong Xue lived under the care of her maternal uncle. While she was working at a cafe, she caught the attention of Mo ShaoQian, CEO of Distal Group (YuanZhong) and former heir to Mo Conglomerate. Little does she know that her father once betrayed Mo Conglomerate by selling classified business details to a rival and indirectly caused Mo ShaoQian's father death.

Tong Xue's father's betrayal plunged Mo Conglomerate into a serious crisis and ShaoQian was forced to enter a political marriage with Mu YongFei, heiress to Mu Conglomerate, in order save his father's company. On their wedding night, ShaoQian became repulsed by YongFei's possessive, condescending attitude, and could not stand to live under the same roof with her. ShaoQian continuously sought to divorce Yongfei for the next ten years, but she resolutely refused despite both leading separate lives and being in a nominal marriage.

After ShaoQian discovers Tong Xue's identity, he seeks to avenge his father's death. ShaoQian uses criminal evidence (embezzlement) against Tong Xue's uncle to blackmail her to live with him as his mistress. As ShaoQian gets to know Tong Xue, he begins to harbor very conflicted feelings for her. On the surface, he treats Tong Xue coldly and toys with her emotions. Secretively, ShaoQian cannot help himself but falls hopelessly in with love her and wants to protect her. But will Tong Xue be able to let go of her childhood sweetheart and reciprocates his feelings?

DVD Version 720P  (Note: 300+ MB per episode; MP4 format, high resolution video quality. Unlike the TV version, no Hunan TV logo. Include open and end theme songs)
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Episode 29              ✿ Episode 30 (End)

Other Download Links:
TV Version Episodes 720P (MKV format, 1+ GB per episode, best video quality)

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  1. I'm so happy you create this blog for Sealed with a Kiss. I'm definitely bookmark this. I watch the whole serie not understanding the language. I can't wait to watch it again with eng sub. I've been following you over at spcnet . Really enjoy reading what you wrote.

  2. @evolecallaw: Thanks for your support! I'm happy so many people are in love with this drama as much as I am.

  3. Hi Jolecole, i love this drama too and am so glad that the dvd version is available - thanks for uploading. btw do u have it in a different server, e.g. in megaupload or filesonic?

  4. @Calla: I've only been uploading the episodes on Wupload. Does this server not work for you?

  5. Hi Jolecole, yeah, wupload doesn't work well for me. Did you download the episodes from this 115 website? how did u do it - i tried, and the download is extremly slow :(. Sometimes, i get "incomplete" downloads....

  6. Isn't it only 28 epsd? or DVD version is longer?

  7. Hi JoleCole, thanks for upload the DVD version. I so much love this drama. Will be the best drama for this year so far.

  8. @Calla: Yes, I did use 115 website to download this drama. The speed was actually really fast for me, in fact the fastest I've seen. I had to install the 115 browser and download manager to download though. Do you know why Wupload doesn't work for you? Is there a region restriction?

    @shera_blogs: I just downloaded the DVD version and haven't really watched it yet. So far, didn't notice a major difference between the DVD and TV version in terms of content. The reason why DVD version has more episodes is attributed to the different time length of each episode. TV episodes tend to be a little longer. I'm not sure if you've downloaded the TV version yet, I found the DVD version video quality to be much better than the TV version in rmvb format. Unless you want to download 1+GB file size, I like DVD version has the best quality and file size.

    @Bluesky: You're welcome! I absolutely love this drama too! If it weren't for the unsatisfying ending, this drama would have been perfect. Such a pity! Nonetheless, I still love it!

  9. Hi JoleCole, which download manager did you use to download from the 115 website?

  10. omggg thanks for the dvd version!

    i am loving this show. the ending still makes me ): though i know the novel did have a happy ending for them.

    just a question, where did u download the dvd version from? if you dont mind sharing ((:

  11. @Calla: I used 115优蛋 as the download manager.

    @chachalala: Aforementioned, I used the 115 site to download the DVD version. But I got the links from the 凤凰天使TSKS forum, which is restricted to members.

  12. Oops! I just realize I didn't open up the comment option to Anonymous Users. I fixed the setting. Now EVERYONE can comment! Please do!

  13. @JoleCole. Thanks :) I will try using the 115优蛋 download manager. By the way, do you have any links for a reasonably good quality version of 唐宫美人天下? The ones I've downloaded so far are of low quality :(

    @chachalala: I found the links from - scroll through the pages to find the links. But the download was very slow for me. Perhaps you need to use the 115优蛋 download manager as mentioned by JoleCole.

  14. @Calla: I haven't found a high resolution version of Mei Ren Tian Xia yet. But I'll update my links once it's available for download.

  15. Jolecole, so glad you have opened this site up!! I will continue to help and contribute on the spcnet forum still. Also continuing to sub on Viki, hehe..loving this series so much that I am re-watching and re-watching whilst subbing....hehe...I am so slightly obsessed!

  16. @Jolecole: thanks v much :). Btw, I tried the 115 download manager and the download speed is better.

  17. hi Jolecole..just come across your blog since i'm looking for information about sealed with a kiss.
    try to download the original novel but wupload said that the file is not available. Can you please upload to other site please? I'm still downloading the first episode, cause i love what i read from your recaps. Please keep 'em coming :)




    -chachalala here ^^


    AMY S.

  20. Help, I can't seem to download episode 10 from wupload. I'd tried downloading it eight times now (I'm not exaggerating), and each time it would always stop in the middle of downloading.
    Is anyone having the same problem, or is just me? Any helpful hints, or ways to get around it without having to pay for a premium account are much appreciated. Thanks.

  21. Hi Jolecole, I can't seem to download the chinese version of the novel from the wupload link. I have been trying for days. I think that my computer doesn't read the chinese txt in the link. I always wait and in the end, it says that the file is not found. Do you happen to have another link handy? Thank you for all of your work related to SWAK. My chinese is limited so it is great to read your recaps.

  22. Hi JoleCole, The first time I saw Hawick Lau was in Huan Zi Cheng Long early this year. He was very good playing the good/evil brother to Du Chun. I was on Viki and saw Sealed with a Kiss. The series was so good that I went ahead and finished it without the English subbing. I was very thankful you were recapping the episodes so I got the gist of the story. I will probably rewatch it later to pick up some vocabulary and phrases. In the meantime, I'm watching Feng Chuan Mu Dan on Viki; and like Sealed with a Kiss, the English subbing isn't done yet. So it is back to reading the blogs as I watch Feng Chuan Mu Dan drama series. Thank you! I really appreciate the subbers/segmenters/bloggers on Viki.

  23. @"I can't seem to download the chinese version of the novel from the wupload link."

    I'll try to put up another link (maybe megaupload) and the convert the .txt file into PDF. So people who don't have Chinese language on their computers can read the characters too. When it's ready, I'll post it on "What's New" section.

    @"Help, I can't seem to download episode 10 from wupload. I'd tried downloading it eight times now (I'm not exaggerating), and each time it would always stop in the middle of downloading."

    Hmm...that's odd. I'll try to upload that episode on another website.

  24. thanks for you blog. i am glad i stumpled upon you and gotten some answers that i didnt quite u/s from the drama :0) thank god for ppl like you ...

  25. I love this china drama so much and thats saying alot since i NEVER watch china series. I usually watch TVB, bit of taiwan n korean dramas and i dont even know how i came about this sealed with a kiss but it was on utube n even thou it was weird at the beginning it got so good towards the middle n the end. i personally like open endings b/c that will make a certain series stand out and worth remembering. I dont really believe in sequels ever since Meteor Garden Taiwan Version that was the worse unnecessary sequel created in my opinion of course so i am glad its ended as is. Thanks for some of you FAQ too there were alot of clips i dont u/s and your FAQ helped so 'thanks' :0)

  26. Hi JoleCole, thank you for sharing! I don't even know any Chinese because my main language is Eng so I'm very excited to watch this in Eng.

    I know this is a really spoiled question but I heard that this series is based on a book right? Also is it very different from the book? I was just wondering what happen at the end of the book?

    Thanks so much!

  27. Something wrong with ep 10. It stop in the middle of downloading.

  28. @evolecallow: it seems like Wupload is giving a lot of people problems. =( I'm going to upload some of the problematic episodes on megaload then.

  29. Thanks jolecole for going through the trouble of re-uploading some of the episodes again for us. By the way, I love your website. I check your website several times a day to see what's new. I'm currently obsess with Sealed With a Kiss, I can't seem to get enough of it. I wish there were more chinese drama like this, perferably with Hawick Lau as the leading male. I have never liked watching Mainland China modern drama, but this is one exception.

  30. Hi, thanks for ur share but how come i cant get the link from ep 16 till ep 27 and also the ending ep...???

  31. @"how come i cant get the link from ep 16 till ep 27 and also the ending ep...???"

    LOL. Cuz I haven't uploaded those episodes yet. I'm trying to upload at least 1 to 2 episodes per day. It really depends on server.

  32. Jolecole, do you need help with extra mirror? I have already download all episodes that are available except ep 10 (can't dl for some reason)
    I can upload with megaupload.

  33. Here's the first two ep.


  34. @evolcallow: Thanks for creating the mirror links! I'll update my post then and try to create a mirror link for Ep.10.

  35. Next four ep.


  36. Thanks evolecallaw for the mirror links!

  37. Hi Jolecole,
    I really thank you for all the information about sealed with a kiss. I have watched the drama and I fall in love with it. I want to ask, is there any link to read the novel in english since I blind about Chinese language.