Friday, November 30, 2012

Official Release Date of In Love with Power

ILWP fans! It's a done deal now! The OFFICIAL release date has finally been announced! No more speculations, doubts, and the never ending wait. The drama series is coming out on December 16! Are you all ready to scream out in excitement?!

Monday, November 26, 2012

[Translation] Chapter 3(5) Sealed with a Kiss Novel

Many thanks to our wonderful translation savior Woan Ting!

Translation by Woan Ting

千山暮雪 第二部分 千山暮雪 第三章(5


In my dream, he piggybacked me and kept on walking along the trails. I asked him while wrapping my arms around his neck “Where do you want to carry me to?”

Thursday, November 22, 2012

In Love with Power to air in December 2012

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Hawick Lau, Han Dong, Zheng Meng, or even Yuan Shan Shan fans, I have some good news for you (you can probably tell already by the title of this post. LOL). Sohu TV  just revealed on its website that they will release along with Jiangsu TV this drama series in December. They are already starting to promote this drama series on their official website.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Short Trailer of Swordsman with English Subtitles

 Wallace Huo's fans and semi-wuxia fans, the new Swordsman trailer is finally out today! And it already comes with English subtitles. Double hooray?!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

[Translation] Chaper 3(4) Sealed with a Kiss Novel

Dear SWAK novel readers,

I apologize for my laziness and lack of progress in the translation of SWAK novel. I haven't been able to find the motivation to resume my translation since I've been rather distracted with other things. Fortunately, a blog reader was extremely gracious to share with me her translation work of the SWAK novel. I am very thankful for her effort and can't express my gratitude enough for her generosity. Please applaud Woan Ting for her wonderful translation and leave a kind comment. I'm sure she'll appreciate it!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Upcoming Yu Zheng's Costume TV Series

The famous or should I say "infamous" producer Yu Zheng tend to produce multiple costume TV series simultaneously . After the rating successes of Gong and Gong 2 last year and earlier this year, Yu Zheng's series seem to have went under the carpet. Though he continues to make some greatly anticipated series such as the Swordsman, but for some odd reasons, most of Yu Zheng's completed series have been put on hold for most of 2012. I speculate the delay definitely has something to do with politics.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Meeting between the OTP in Battle of Changsha + Cast Photos

Happy Saturday! Due to my current interest in Wallace Huo's new series adapted from an online novel, I decided to share with you a brief translated excerpt. This excerpt involves the very first scene where Wallace Huo's character, Gu Qingming, appears in the novel. I'm actually building up high expectations for this production because it's being directed by an acclaimed mainland TV series director. I want to see how this particular scene will play out onscreen and hope Wallace Huo will have sizzling chemistry with his female co-star, Yang Zi.

Gu Qingming may seem like a total arrogant a$$ at certain times with his pompous attitude and condescension, but I still find his tempestuous relationship with Hu Xiang Xiang extremely entertaining. Since the scriptwriters will substantially expand the role of Gu Qingming in the TV series, I hope this expansion equates to more screen time to develop the OTP relationship. I always love to watch drama series where most of the screen time isn't devoted to the whole process of falling in love and courtship, but some episodes can be written to explore the marriage life and perhaps even parenthood. So I'm very excited to see how the relationship between Gu Qingming and Hu Xiang Xiang will span out onscreen since the original novel doesn't really go in-depth. Anyway, the series looks quite promising so far judging from some leaked photos of the production.